DES MOINES – Sen. Jack Hatch, Democratic candidate for Governor, released the following statement on Gov. Terry Branstad’s latest big campaign promise made 15 days before Election Day:

“This is just another campaign promise doomed to be broken by a mismanaged administration that doesn’t measure outcomes. Terry Branstad promised Iowans 200,000 jobs but created less than a third of those. He promised a 25 percent increase in family income, and Iowa families know only too well he broke that promise too.

If there were any truth in his statements, Branstad would call his proposal ‘Iowa Next-To-Last.’

The fact is, Iowans can’t trust this new promise because he hasn’t kept promises in the past.  And even if he tried to implement this program, he’s promised  to “repurpose” dollars, which is politician-speak for robbing from Peter to pay Paul. Iowans will reject Branstad’s big pre-election talk for exactly what it is.

For more than a year, our campaign has laid out specific plans to create jobs from the community up, raise the minimum wage and give hardworking Iowa families an income tax cut.  Monica Vernon and I will give Iowa a fresh start after the broken promises of Terry Branstad.”


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