DES MOINES — Jack Hatch released the following statement regarding the Iowa Board of Regents tuition increase vote today:

“I want to congratulate the students, parents and all Iowans who applied pressure to the Iowa Board of Regents to stop the proposed tuition increase today. You won a tremendous victory.”

“The sad reality is a one-year freeze on tuition does nothing to attack the underlying problem of college affordability, nor does it affect students who attend community colleges or private colleges in this state.  It further fails to address the issue of debt load.”

“It’s clear this Governor has no plan to make college affordable, only a continuing series of stopgap measures that he wrongly hopes will work to his political benefit.  Playing campaign games with our oustanding universities is shameful and will have no place in a Hatch administration.”

“I have a plan to lock in tuition for every college student, extend low interest loans to the neediest, and expand online offerings so students can finish in less time and pay less tuition.  I’ll reorganize the governance system for higher education so tuition can be stable and predictable.”

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