Standing up for Better Iowa Jobs

Iowans are some of the most hardworking and productive people anywhere in the world. Low absentee rates, high rates of 2-income families, and a strong traditional work ethic make Iowans prepared for the challenges of the global 21st century economy.

Unfortunately, Iowa has lacked leadership in growing our economy. Gov. Branstad has failed miserably in meeting his two most significant promises to Iowans from 2010. He said he would raise every Iowa family’s income by 25 percent. And then he said he would create 200,000 new jobs.

Standing up for better Iowa Jobs

He’s fallen embarrassingly short on both goals. For most Iowans, income is flat or falling. And for too many, the hope of a job that can support a family is slipping away. There’s nothing wrong with Iowans. It’s the lack of leadership that’s resulted in a stalled-out job growth.

Gov. Branstad is trying to use fuzzy math in which he counts only jobs created, and leaves out jobs lost, to dress up his numbers and trick Iowans into thinking he’s been able to tread water on job creation. Iowans aren’t going to fall for that. They know he’s more than 170,000 jobs short on his promise without a plan to do anything differently.

My goal is reversing our state’s slide towards an economy with more low wage jobs and fewer middle class jobs. We can start by increasing the minimum wage. Let’s develop our economy from the community level up in our city neighborhoods and our small towns instead of the top-down, whether its for business, culture, tourism or infrastructure.

My goal is growing more thriving small businesses in Iowa and many fewer, much smaller tax handouts to corporate giants outside of Iowa. My goal is to invest in our Iowa entrepreneurs and grow the next generation of high-tech businesses right here.

I have a plan to let Iowa’s economy thrive again, with good jobs at good wages.