Open Doors for Iowa Students

The vast majority of Iowa college students arrive on campus ready to work, study and achieve. Many students, especially first generation college students, are fulfilling a family dream held for decades, that is, the hope that one day a member of the family could achieve a four-year degree.

But too many of them either have downgraded their collegiate ambitions or find themselves unprepared for the avalanche of debt that awaits them upon graduation. For too many, the education that gave them a step up later becomes a monthly burden that holds them down.

Student debt impacts nearly every aspect of our society, from the mobility of our educated workers to the new housing market as many put off buying homes as they struggle with loan repayment. It operates as a drag on the economy, skews job choices to those with the highest entry-level salaries and deters post-graduate study.

In recent years, Iowa State University has stood out as the school with the 2nd largest student debt per capita of public universities in the nation. It’s not a distinction any Iowa school wants, nor can maintain for any period of time and still attract high-quality students.

My goal is to make Iowa’s colleges affordable again. Let’s cut college debt significantly with flexible, affordable options including an accelerated BA degree. Let’s keep the doors open so students who want to work for a college degree can still afford it.