A Message From Jack


Thanks for stopping by our site.  I’ve spent my life fighting for the little guy against the big guys, and I have the experience of winning on behalf of Iowans.  That’s the kind of campaign we’re putting together.

Running for Governor is serious business.  I want you to know I’m ready to take on Terry Branstad and win because I’ve done it before.  I know how to organize around ideas, set goals, work hard to meet them even against long odds, and be successful.  I did it when I built affordable housing in neighborhoods others wouldn’t.  I did it over and over again whether the issue was clean water, expanding health care or holding this Governor accountable for acting above the law.

As Democrats, we have to do more than just put up a candidate and hope for the best.  Terry Branstad has been successful in defeating five of the best candidates Democrats have had to offer.  But this will be a different kind of campaign.  We’ll take the fight to Terry, whether the issue is stagnant Iowa incomes, failed job creation promises, or a pattern of abusing his power and rewarding his friends.

If you believe like I do that Iowans deserve a Governor who will fight for them, and not for the big out of state corporations, I’m asking for your vote and your support.  I know we can put Iowa back on the path to greatness, and I have a plan to do just that.

I look forward to talking with you as the campaign goes on.  Together we’ll fight and win once again for Iowans.